How to keep software engineers motivated in the long term?

Any manager dreams about an effective team that is constantly working to achieve its goals. In turn, each employee also dreams that their employer does not forget about his merits and constantly maintains the necessary degree of motivation for successful and comfortable work. In this article, we will discuss how to keep software engineers motivated.

The essence of the motivation in the working process

Traditional methods, such as “classical” personnel certification, no longer meet the requirements of today. To succeed in today’s business world, businesses need innovative management tools and practices that focus on setting goals and identifying employee personal responsibilities.

Motivation is the prompting of employees to achieve the goals of the company while respecting their interests. So, motivation can be defined as:

  • the process of achieving a balance between the goals of the company and the employee for the fullest satisfaction of the needs of both;
  • the process of encouraging employees to take action to achieve the goals of the company;
  • creating conditions for the identification of the interests of the organization and the employee, under which what is beneficial and necessary to one becomes just as necessary and beneficial to another.

All human activity is conditioned by real needs. People tend to either achieve something or avoid something. In motivated activity, the employee himself determines the measure of his efforts, depending on his internal motives and environmental conditions. The motive of labor is formed only when labor activity is, if not the only, then at least the main condition for obtaining benefits.

The personnel motivation system is a set of solutions aimed at creating a subconscious desire in employees to perform their duties more efficiently and efficiently.

Methods of employee motivation

The employee motivation system is a set of techniques and tools that help meet the needs of staff and direct the internal motives of employees to achieve the desired results.

Employee motivation methods can be divided into two main categories:

  • For example, cash benefits, social security, product discounts, and other financial incentives. Penalties are also included in this category.
  • This can be career growth, provision of training at the expense of the company, public recognition of merit.

Material incentives are considered a classic form of motivation. But this is not the only yardstick. For example, young people will appreciate the availability of free time, and those who are older – good working conditions. It is important to understand that motivation is a two-way process that requires emotional investment from both the employer and employees. An effective motivation system combines elements of material and non-material methods.

How to keep software engineers motivated?

  • Pay enough so salaries don’t become a problem

If you pay developers less than the market average salary, you won’t be able to maintain employee productivity, even if they enjoy the job.

  • Manage the process, not people

Developers, like designers, writers, and strategists of all types, have a vested interest in problem-solving. They want to analyze the situation, consider possible solutions and implement the best of them. In short, they value autonomy.

  • Provide feedback and recognize colleagues

The first rule of feedback is timeliness. Give prompt feedback on the results of completed tasks. If employees do not receive regular feedback on their work, they lose enthusiasm and feel less valuable.

  • Set driving goals and broadcast them to people

It is always easier for employees to move forward when everyone understands the purpose of the company’s movement or project – why they are going this way, and most importantly, what they will get for it.